Awareness Is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology and Spirituality

Awareness Is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology and Spirituality

Offers readers a positive transformation of their lives by incorporating psychological and spiritual theories and practices.


Awareness Is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology and Spirituality proposes a unique combination of spiritual and psychological concepts that together lead to greater self-awareness and wellbeing. It is structured as eight lessons, each focusing on different aspects of psychology and spirituality, to support readers in their personal journey of self-growth.
The psychological and spiritual theories described in the book are backed up by scientific findings that enhance the legitimacy and power of its message.
The book also includes practical exercises which allow the reader to apply the ideas in an enjoyable way that will lead to self-improvement and greater satisfaction in life.


Awareness is Freedom Itai Ivtzan Changemaker Books (John Hunt) 2015, 171 pp., £11.99, p/b. The author of this instructive and informative book is the leader of the Masters in applied positive psychology at the University of East London. As such, he sits at the interface between psychology and spirituality, which is not always a comfortable place to be, given that the interest of psychology is mainly in the mind as such, while spirituality implies growth and transformation. The book is effectively his own bridge between these two fields. It consists of eight lessons, beginning with the interface between psychology and spirituality itself and dealing with the concepts of personality and ego, which form our interpretation of life. Each chapter contains a validated psychological measurement tool that readers can fill in, as well as weekly exercises. He introduces meditative techniques for the wandering attention, aware and unaware thinking leading to the development of non-reactive awareness; then a discussion of the self and its patterns and the fact that everything in life is in fact neutral - it is our interpretation that gives it colour. We can move beyond ego formed patterns and uncover a more authentic self. He discusses the art of presence and mindfulness techniques, introducing the loving kindness meditation. He reflects on impermanence and meaning and on how we engage with change before finishing with a chapter on body awareness bringing thoughts and emotions together. Of course, the value of this book lies as much in putting it into practice as in reading the information. Its strength lies in bringing psychology and spirituality together in a readable and practical format. See ~ Network Review, Spring 2015 No 117

Dr Itai Ivtzan elucidates not only the meeting point between psychology and spirituality but the synergy and power of the two. Allow this accomplished scholar and meditator to offer you this clear road-map as you take this journey to your indwelling. This important book, peppered with research studies, validated psychological tests, and practical exercises, offers clear and insightful methods for you to re-discover your mindfulness and hence…your freedom. ~ Dr Ryan M. Niemiec, Author of Mindfulness and Character Strengths: A Practical Guide to Flourishing

Dr Ivtzan has done a great service to humanity with this beautiful book. Here we have two of our most precious currents of thought, psychology and spirituality, each of which has transformed people's lives for the better, but which until now have remained wary of each other. However, with great skill and artistry, Dr. Ivtzan has brought these together in a 'marriage,' a union which serves to greatly enrich both partners. Moreover, Dr Ivtzan is just the kind of wise and compassionate pastor that we need to skillfully conduct such a union, with his great depths of insight and beauty of expression. However, the most important beneficiary of this 'marriage' is the reader, who is invited to embark upon their own personal journal of transformation. Through a series of 'lessons,' including structured reflections and exercises, the fortunate reader is led gently down a path of mystery, towards realms of the self and of the universe that they may not have suspected existed. Truly, this book has the power to change your life. ~ Dr Tim Lomas, Author of Masculinity, Meditation and Mental Health

Awareness is Freedom provides a clear and practical course in spiritual training. It's an ideal introduction that quickly takes the reader from the shallows to the depths. Save yourself the trouble of learning Sanskrit, Pali or Tibetan in order to read the ancient sutras. Instead, I would advise you start your journey with this illuminating and accessible book. I wish I had had the opportunity to read it years ago before I wandered off to the East. ~ Tim Ward, Author of What the Buddha Never Taught: A 'Behind the Robes' Account of life in a Thai Forest Monastery

Dr Itai Ivtzan draws on his vast amount of personal and professional knowledge to give readers insight into a very powerful topic area in an incredibly approachable way. Ivtzan is indeed a pioneer and leader in the field and his humour, wisdom and creativity will challenge readers, in so many ways. The book is engaging, stimulating and thought provoking as Ivtzan passionately melds theory with personal exercises and reflection sections. ~ Dr Kata Hefferon, Author of Positive Psychology and the Body: The somatopsychic side to flourishing

Itai Ivtzan
Itai Ivtzan Dr Itai Ivtzan is passionate about the combination of psychology and spirituality. It makes his heart sing. He is convinced that if we befri...
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