Caveman Rules of Survival, The

Caveman Rules of Survival, The

3 simple rules used by our brains to keep us safe and well

Your brain needs a software upgrade. It’s still following rules for survival based on the caveman days. Discover why the rules are there and change your programming to live the life you want.


The subconscious is overdue a software upgrade. This primitive and emotional part of your brain follows rules for keeping you safe and well based on the caveman days, where sabre-toothed tigers and other predators were the biggest threat. If you have ever had a battle going on in your head between what you believe you want to do, and the part of you that seems to hold you back, then this book is for you.

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The Caveman Rules for Survival Dawn C. Walton Changemakers Books (John Hunt), 143 pp., £9.99, p/b. Most readers will be familiar with the triune brain and its implications for human behaviour. It is unfortunate that this basic information about our operating system is not part of the education system, so we can go through life without any understanding of the impulses that move us. In this informative and entertaining book, the author explains how the subconscious runs 90% of our lives and tries in its own way to protect us. It has three fundamental rules, which form the kernel the book: react first or you will die, if your parents don’t love you, you will die, and if you are not part of the pack, you will die. Our childhood experience gives the subconscious certain rules to apply in dangerous situations and the author explains how a presenting problem like shying away from confrontation is interpreted by the subconscious. Sometimes parents can unwittingly trigger the formulation of a rule by snapping at children because they themselves are tired. Therapeutically, the author helps clients remove the triggers of these patterns. Trauma, however, is an exception to the rule and must be taken very seriously. At the end of the book, there are practical suggestions about how we can increase our willpower and self-control so as to move beyond survival techniques. It is clear that self-awareness is essential if we are really going to change and have more freedom to make real choices. ~ Network Review , Spring 2015 No 117

With the help of Dawn’s online therapy, I learned that the little voice in my head was caused by “stuff” in my subconscious – stuff that I could reframe, so the voice didn’t just quieten down but completely disappeared. I learned that my caveman brain was taking over and trying to keep me safe – and with the aid of Dawn’s therapy sessions and downloads, I learned a new way of seeing the world...The lessons I’ve learned have changed my life, my career, my family – everything. If I could share one thing, it would be Dawn’s message. ~ Rachael Lucas, Bestselling Author

I enjoyed this book immensely; it offers sensible advice and says new things in an accessible way. All my research is geared towards helping us understand why we are as we are, and why we act the way we do, and “The caveman rules” clearly helps us to do those things. It could be as big as “Emotional intelligence”! ~ Trevor Harley, Professor of Psychology, Dundee University

This is a fantastic book. It is simple, straight to the point, and offers great advice for people wishing to feel happy and get more in control of their lives. ~ Dr David Hamilton

Dawn C. Walton
Dawn C. Walton Dawn Walton was born in North Wales in 1972. She spent many years travelling the world as a consultant and had a very successful career. But...
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