Falling Into Easy

Falling Into Easy

Help For Those Who Can't Meditate

Cant meditate? Knees killing you? Misplaced the present moment? Let Falling Into Easy make meditation simple, practical and accessible.  


Cant meditate? Knees killing you? Misplaced the present moment? Let Falling Into Easy make meditation simple, practical and accessible.

For years, we have heard about the benefits of meditation. Spiritual teachers describe the benefits of a quiet mind, psychologists advise us not to be ruled by our wild thoughts, our mothers tell us we should learn to relax, and even neuroscientists extol the benefits of a regular meditation practice.  There is only one confusing and all-too-familiar dilemma:  How exactly does one meditate?   

Falling Into Easy offers a way for both novice and seasoned meditators to land right smack in the middle of the present moment, with very little effort or travel required. Through a discussion of the simple mechanics of meditation, coupled with instructive metaphors, readers will learn to meditate with ease and a sense of familiarity.

Falling Into Easy reveals the greatest paradox of meditation. Readers set out to gain something new, but in actuality, they will discover something they have always possessed: a peaceful state of well-being, simply and naturally accessed with every successive breath.  www.fallingintoeasy.com


Meditation can be an ethereal, and sometimes frustrating, thing. Hence, chasing relaxation is often a stressful and demoralizing experience. Dee Willock addresses this issue and offers readers a simple solution — stop trying so hard and enjoy the process. She’s got plenty of ideas for helping readers make that happen. She breaks with tradition and a long-standing list of “should’s” to create a sense of adventure and accessibility with regard to meditation. She asks readers to change their minds and begin with a clean slate, unraveling their way to inner peace rather than struggling to grasp it.

She calls on meditation heavy-hitters, like Pema Chodron and Thich Nhat Hanh, to communicate the essence of mindfulness/meditation practice. She includes a series of meditation exercises (Dissection, Looping Back, Shadowing) to help readers customize their experience and gain a sense of control. Most importantly, she includes lots of beautiful meditations, written like poetry, which trigger almost tangible visual images. Her ideas are presented so uniquely that the book is a real page-turner, unlikely as that sounds. Consider displaying it with books about stress reduction and pain relief, or close to check-out as a stand-alone, spontaneous-purchase item.


~ Anna Jedrziewski

Despite the many proven health benefits of meditation, many people find the idea of taking up a regular discipline somewhat daunting. In this practical and highly personal book, Dee Willock demystifies meditation practice and transforms it into something accessible to all. Weaving seamlessly between philosophy, practical instruction and personal experience, she gently guides the reader through the nuances of the meditative process, along the way identifying common mental difficulties that camouflage the true self. Falling into Easy makes a delightful and enlightening read. Though directed primarily toward the novice meditator, the book is replete with information that will appeal as well to the most seasoned practitioner.

~ Dr. Michael Greenwood, Author of The Unbroken Field, Braving the Void and Paradox and Healing.

What a concept – that meditation can be fun, natural, and something you want to do every day! Reading Falling into Easy is like having a conversation with a good friend who knows the path well, and walks with you awhile – to make sure you find your way. Dee Willock's gentle and insightful manner makes her the ideal companion for that journey.

~ Tim Ward, Author of What the Buddha Never Taught, Savage Breast, and the forthcoming book about spiritual practice in modern life, The Myth on Kilimanjaro

Meditation promotes mindfulness, presence and mental clarity – qualities
sadly lacking in our stressed culture. For many of us, finding these qualities is also difficult because of the barriers our minds erect against this simple and powerful practice.

Dee Willock’s Falling Into Easy removes the barriers gently and painlessly, leading us to hear that peaceful, small, still voice that arises from deep within to nourish us in all
ways: body, mind and soul.    

~ Dr. Gabor Maté, Author of In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts, Scattered Minds and When The Body Says No

Dee Willock
Dee Willock Dee Willock has been teaching meditation and yoga for over 25 years. Her skill and sensitivity as a teacher, practitioner and presenter, al...
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