Future Consciousness

Future Consciousness

The Path to Purposeful Evolution

This book presents a unique and empowering evolutionary vision of wisdom and the human mind, to guide us in creating a positive future.


How do our unique conscious minds reflect and amplify nature’s vast evolutionary process? This book provides a scientifically informed, psychologically holistic approach to understanding and enhancing our future consciousness, serving as a guide for creating a realistic, constructive, and ethical future. Thomas Lombardo reveals how we can flourish in the flow of evolution and create a prosperous future for ourselves, human society and the planet.


The book portrays higher level thinking and how one should attempt going beyond mind and thoughts and more towards action through asking the right questions and viewing ourselves and our desires and needs more clearly. How to get what we need from life is what this book entails beautifully! Some want a jolt. Awakening can happen and this is a step on that journey. Mea ingful with the most central purpose we all came here for answered and we need a higher rating than 5 ✨ for this work of art! ~ Trully Sunee, NetGalley

Lombardo has written a masterpiece, a must read book, not only for futurists, psychologists, social scientists, scholars, and academics of every type showing them how to improve their thinking about future consciousness, but also for ordinary people to improve the quality of their future daily lives... It is a powerful and convincing statement. Lombardo's book is one of the most creative I have read. ~ Wendell Bell, Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Fellow, Koerner Center, Yale University

"Tom Lombardo is probably the single most impressive thinker, philosopher and author I have met in recent times. His unique perspective about wisdom and future consciousness, his eye for what matters in life and his depth of knowledge and experience make this book a must-have for those concerned about the collective future evolution of human society". ~ Kiko Suarez, Vice President, Lumina Foundation

"Tom LOMBARDO's worldview is like a multiverse: vast, in depth, multidimensional. Each new book from this world renowned futurist is a new stellar light enlightening the understanding of what it means to be human: be conscious, imagine new worlds, build our collective future. Thanks Tom for this vital breathing!" ~ Fabienne Goux-Baudiment, Former President of the World Futures Studies Federation CEO of proGective, Research Centre for Futures Studies Associate Professor at ISTIA, University of Angers Founding member of the French Societ

"Reading [his new book] one appreciates that Tom Lombardo is an unsung hero whom the world desperately needs to hear from. His contribution demands a global audience in an age of increasing complexity and mega crisis....This work is innovative and extremely creative. When one would have thought all has been said that needs to be said or thought about wisdom, Dr. Lombardo brings us to the edge of our seats in excitement, passion, love and the desire to self improve with clarity and efficacy, with our eyes looking forward in future consciousness... This is a must read for all human beings irrespective of race, nationality, class, gender and position.” ~ Stephen Awoyemi, Miriam Rothschild Scholar, University of Cambridge, UK, 2013-2014 President, Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) Africa Section Nigeria

It would be hard to imagine a book that covers such a vast landscape with the clarity and coherence found in [this book]... Tom Lombardo has connected all the dots: the future(s), agency, creativity, the good, well-being, flourishing, evolution, future consciousness, character, virtue and ultimately wisdom.  He assembles an enormous mosaic of how these concepts interact that contains a philosophy of reality and of life that is truly breathtaking. ~ Dr. Peter Bishop, Strategic Foresight and Development Retired Professor, Human Sciences and Studies of the Future, Univ. Houston-Clear Lake Houston Texas

"Tom Lombardo's [book] is a masterpiece of creating a deep understanding of the continuum of society's evolution at the same time that it sets the stage for the ongoing transformation of human consciousness that is needed for the sustainability of humanity during this shift from an Industrial Age to an Ecological Civilization. His book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how to re-conceptualize the future" ~ Rick Smyre, President, Center for Communities of the Future

"Tom Lombardo's exploration of future consciousness examines a state that many search for in vain, that of full self-actualization, and lays out both the strategic and tactical paths to reach that state.  Based in the inherent wisdom of foresight thinking, Dr. Lombardo describes the nature of creative flourishing in both the empirical and spiritual realms.  This is an extraordinary accomplishment and deserves the laurels that it will undoubtedly receive." ~ Tim Mack, Former President of the World Future Society

"Tom has done it again! Always compelling, hugely informative, unconventionally provocative and wisdom inducing, he has created a definitive book on the psychology of future consciousness! A valuable resource for futurists and non-futurists alike." ~ Karen Sands, MCC, BCC, Leading GerofuturistSM and Thought Leader on the Longevity Economy, and Ageless Aging

Living a fulfilling life is among the top priorities of almost everyone, now and well into the future. The question and answer around this [challenge] has bewildered too many scholars, and ordinary people, throughout history. Dr. Tom Lombardo in his new book builds upon his vast knowledge and experience in diverse fields of expertise and provides an elaborate narrative for both groups which impressively address the evolutionary nature of human and soon cyborg consciousness. This book takes an extremely well studied prescriptive approach to help all readers begin and continue a life-long post normal and post formal journey to achieve wisdom ,in addition to a normal or formal education. Dr. Lombardo is skillfully teaching and communicating deep and complex philosophical ideas in a streamlined and incredibly simple framework and vocabulary. ~ Vahid V. Motlagh, Executive board member of the World Future Studies Federation Tehran, Iran

Tom Lombardo’s [new book] is a most important book in all sorts of ways. His major point is correct: “The central question we ponder and debate within ourselves and among ourselves, across the years and through the decades of our existence on the earth” is “How do we create a good future?” He is also right to indicate that in our past history “conflicting answers and philosophies of life addressing this question have been created, offered, marketed, and frequently even forced upon human populations across the world.” Finally, his answer to how we create a good future is spot on: “by developing a core set of character virtues, most notably and centrally wisdom.” In making his case for his arguments, Lombardo displays an impressive understanding of not only psychology and futurology (his specialties), but also of global intellectual history, and he does so in a readable prose which avoids any academic jargon.  This book deserves a wide readership and appreciation.  ~ Walter Moss, Professor Emeritus of History Eastern Michigan University Author of “An Age of Progress?”

Thomas Lombardo
Thomas Lombardo Thomas Lombardo, Ph.D. is the Director of the Center for Future Consciousness and The Wisdom Page, the Managing Editor of the online journal...

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