Healing from Abuse

Healing from Abuse

A Practical Spiritual Guide

Offering the wisdom and power of the Spirit Within as a major ally of healing, written in the engaging manner Carla van Raay's readers love.


    Healing from Abuse: A Practical Spiritual Guide is a balm for the soul. The path of healing is awesome, yet the author, who has advanced along that very same journey herself, maintains that everyone who takes it up is somehow given the power and support to make a success out of it.
    This book is presented as a part of that support and that empowerment. In its pages the reader is introduced and gradually made familiar with the Spirit of their inner being, the reality so easily ignored and yet so powerful once engaged.
    The Spirit Within is not confined to any religion - it is within all of us, whether we know it or not, and nothing we can do or experience can get rid of it. To heal means taking back the power to love and to received love, that great purpose worth living for. It is this love that will restore self-worth and self-esteem from the ground up and from the inside out.


    Carla van Raay was a Catholic nun till age 31; left and became a sex worker: both life choices based on early sexual abuse. Her memoir God’s Callgirl became a best seller in several countries and you don’t get many more striking titles than that. Healing from Abuse: A Practical Spiritual Guide offers a healing path that enables the reader to move forward with support into empowerment. Whatever your spiritual path the healing in this book means taking back the power to love and to receive love in a way that restores self-worth and self-esteem from the inside out. It is not the circumstances of your life that shape you, but how you are able to respond to them and use them to create positive change not just for ourselves, but for all those we come in contact with. This is a very practical book with examples, exercises and tools to overcome and heal in deeper ways from the limitations created by abuse. Challenge is part of the nature of healing, and so there are many opportunities to face that as you read this book. At the very least you are asked to get to like yourself, and develop the deepest kindness and compassion for yourself as you embrace empowerment on a daily basis. Once you have done that then all the wrong conclusions about yourself, about life, about others; undoing the negative, self-defeating, soul-defeating emotional and mental patterns you have lived will lead you to reveal the beauty and harmony that has forever existed underneath. ~ AnnA Rushton, Creative Catalyst http://creativecatalyst.co.uk/2016/04/healing-from-abuse-a-spiritual-journey/

    It has been said that it is not the things that happen to us that determine who we are or our future, rather it is our ability to use them to create positive change in our own lives and the lives of others that matter most. The depth of Carla’s commitment to creating positive change is so evident in this book. It is so clear from her gracious sharing of her journey and the approach she takes to healing from abuse that recovery is possible.The wisdom, understanding and depth of compassion that Carla holds flow through the every chapter of this book. She shows a way out of the darkness by taking a direct approach, giving examples and original exercises and tools to overcome and heal in deeper ways, the limitations created by abuse. ~ Pauline Bellamy, ESL Teacher, Perth.

    What a courageous book uncovering the pain and trauma of child sexual abuse and offering Hope and Inspiration to heal from it. I love your writing style: uplifting, warm and encouraging, engaging and inspiring. ~ Julie Skinner, Mental Health Nurse, Perth.

    Carla van Raay has chosen to heal from her abuse and not only that, she has also chosen to give back from that experience and write this wonderful book that inspires and enable others to do the same. This book brings harmony to the wheel of abuse in its wise and loving approach. Thank you, Carla. ~ Patti McBain, Yoga and Meditation teacher, Perth.

    I am impressed by the way you have gracefully written this book. I can feel lot of passion in it coming out of a healed person. ~ Sr Victoria, Catholic Nun, Malta.

    From a practical point of view I can say that your book works! I have made shifts, especially about shame. I have made some good health changes, also because I had stomach issues (surprise, surprise) reading the book. It took me awhile to realize my stomach cramped up every time I read a few pages. I am very proud to say that after years of stomach problems, I can now breathe into my stomach and let go of the tension. I have stopped being so scared of getting hurt. I have also much stronger sexual energy than before. Reading this book, meditating on it, and doing the exercises (like looking at beliefs) has moved some sexual blockage. It feels really good. It has given me insights I will benefit from for life. The realization that I live my life being scared of getting hurt is going to stay with me until it is dissolved. I have also seen that part of me (a well hidden part) doesn’t quite believe I can heal completely. Whether I want it or not, that makes me a part-time victim! ~ Reader on a healing journey

    I feel your book to be quite moving, vulnerable, weaving your personal story, it feels quite powerful and loving. ~ Nerida, Mentoring Colleague.

    Carla  van Raay
    Carla van Raay Born in the Netherlands, Carla van Raay was educated by nuns from age two at a Montessori school, to age 21, graduating as a secondary schoo...
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