Kicked out of the Garden

Kicked out of the Garden

Embracing Diversity as a Way of the Heart

Step back into the garden of your heart and find renewed faith, freedom, and inner peace.


It is possible to have a unique relationship with God through the portal of your own heart. By sharing her own truth, struggles, and triumphs, the author inspires you to step back into the garden of your heart and find renewed faith, freedom, and inner peace.


Kimberly Ruth Taylor’s book is a journey of strength, courage, and truth. Her words come from the heart, and her wisdom speaks to a life of fearlessly following God and her calling. Kicked Out Of The Garden will give you a new perspective on what it means to dream. Love flows from these pages and it will change you. ~ Jesse Blair, Singer Songwriter

If you desire to be free from the rules and confusion of man made religion and would like the freedom to make choices in your life with the bible as a metaphor and Christ as a true friend, read this book! Kimberly Ruth Taylor is a woman who has the courage and wisdom to save her Heart, her Spirit and her Family from being victims of fallen beliefs. Her trust in Jesus has given her the strength to step out of fear into a life that God wants for all of us! ~ John H. Clark, Cowboy, Faith Songwriter

Kimberly Ruth Taylor's writings are very mind opening and soul searching. Her book has allowed me to take my Christian faith out of the human box made by the laws of the church created by man. Her book is very spiritually and mind provoking. It is a very deep book that should not be read quickly. Like a fine wine, it needs to be slowly sipped and savored grasping the message that only God can bestow upon you. ~ Beth Callahan, Mother, Friend, Publisher, Editor, and Elected Official.

As one of the editors of this book, I had the benefit of becoming totally immersed in its essence and message. As each chapter unfolded I began to notice that I wasn’t just reorganizing the material but the material was reorganizing me. Specifically it began to clarify my understanding of my own heart and the importance of learning to trust its power and presence, and how the most important thing we can do for ourselves and the planet today is to refuse to step into duality. Also as someone who was raised in the Christian faith under the tutelage of a very punitive vicar in the north of England, I was able to reframe a great deal of that negative experience and emerge with a deeper understanding of Jesus and a more loving relationship with God. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is sincere about following the path of their heart whether you are religious or not. ~ Elaine Alghani, writer, shamanic artist, healer and “entrepreneur”, writer, shamanic artist, healer and “entrepreneur”

Kimberly Ruth Taylor
Kimberly Ruth Taylor Kimberly Ruth Taylor, a first-time author, has had the privilege of staying home and raising seven children. They have been her greatest tea...
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