Lead Yourself First!

Lead Yourself First!

Indispensable Lessons in Business and in Life

Are you ready to become the leader of your own life? Apply simple, powerful strategies to take charge of yourself, your career, your destiny.


Are you ready to be the leader of your own life?
We live in a time of unprecedented economic and social turmoil. In the face of uncertainty and fear, we look to our jobs for security and to our leaders for inspiration. We aspire to a prosperous, stable future and strive to remain optimistic, but the stress of simply surviving—financially, professionally, and emotionally—can seem a relentless struggle. Consequently, we doubt ourselves and our capacity to be the leaders of our own lives—often opting for the status quo—because staying stuck is easier than creating change. We overlook this simple truth: If we remain true to ourselves, we can control our own reality.
Lead Yourself First! is filled with engaging stories and advice to help people everywhere live life to the fullest and take the lead in any work or personal challenge. By applying Michelle Ray’s simple, powerful life-changing lessons, you will discover how to influence and improve the quality of all your choices. Michelle Ray’s “One-Two Punch” approach will inspire you to: Address the fear of success and eliminate the fear of failure; Rise above toxic behavior and situations; Gain new insights into your values about money, opportunity, and success; Discover your dream career or business and live it!

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This book provides a new, compelling and action-oriented way to look at life. Michelle Ray combines her extensive experience in Leadership with a down-to-earth, practical approach to getting what you want. And it works. ~ Bruce Sellery Financial Expert, Oprah Winfrey Network and Author

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Michelle Ray's new book is of full stories that will encourage you to live larger. If you're looking for hope, encouragement and inspirational ideas, you'll find them here. ~ Mark Sanborn, New York Times bestselling author, The Fred Factor

We all need a nudge now and then. Sometimes it's a gentle reminder. Sometimes it's a loving whack on the back of the head. Lead Yourself First has both. ~ Vince Poscente, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Age of Speed

We have little to say when we begin life’s runway, and little to say when we end our runway, but we do have control on the runway. Michelle Ray’s new book: Lead Yourself First! Breakthrough Strategies to Live the Life You Want is bang on the money. Buy it, read it and learn from it. ~ Dr. Peter Legge, OBC, CPAE, CSP, HoF Speaker/Author/Businessman

If you are ready to master your own destiny and turn self doubt into self mastery; Michelle's magic way of telling real life stories with life lessons should immediately jolt you out of any "cubicle in life" where you feel stuck. Don't miss this read if you are ready to make a change. ~ Elaine Allison, CSP, Best Selling Author of the Velvet Hammer, PowHERful Leadership Lessons for Women Who Don't Golf

Michelle Ray is an authority on inspiring one to truly get the life they want. Clear, inspiring and easy to read. This is the kind of book that takes a hold of your insides so that you do not give up on yourself. You will find you’ll keep this book over your many years. Why? Because it works. ~ Valerie Cade, CSP Workplace Bullying Expert & Author of Bully Free Work

Pragmatic, down to earth, simple and effective techniques. Everyone can get great ideas; quick and easy to use. If you want to make dramatic changes in your life this book provides you with the essential tools. ~ Ron Coleman, Author “Building your Legacy…Lessons of success from the contracting community”

Michelle has written the perfect book for these uncertain times. For anyone who is tired of being at the mercy of their environment and is ready to take charge of their success and their life this is a must read. Michelle’s expertise and experience shines through as she shares how to break free and become the leader of your own life. ~ Lynn Robinson, Founder, The Robinson Group Training and Consulting Corp. Co-Founder, Life Without Regrets

Michelle Ray speaks to you at a gut level. She gets right to the point and finds your blind spots. You will love how she writes and be inspired by how she motivates. I hope you enjoy reading “Lead Yourself First” as much as I have. ~ Linda Edgecombe CSP, HoF, Author of

A call to arms for anyone pursuing a life of freedom. Take Michelle's advice. Get out! You weren't born to live in a box. You need to break free! ~ Warren MacDonald, Adventurer, Speaker and Best-Selling Author “A Test of Will”

Lead yourself straight to this book! Michelle Ray has created a leadership book with a difference. It is filled with inspirational stories, humor and thought-provoking lessons. She tells us tales of ordinary folk who are reminder that each of us can be extraordinary. Read it and be inspired to make change! ~ Pamela Chatry, Executive Managing Director, eWomen Network Vancouver Metro and Coquitlam

We all have "moments of truth in our lives" and those moments of truth have the power to change our lives forever. In those moments of truth we choose, consciously or unconsciously, to be a victim, survivor or a thriver. If you want to be a thriver, this book is a must read. ~ Dr. Brad McRae, CSP, Director, the Atlantic Leadership Development Institute

Michelle Ray's Lead Yourself First shares thought-provoking stories and practical advice that make you want to jump 'out-of-the-box' and into a rich, expansive life worth living! And I say, why merely survive when you can truly thrive - financially, professionally and emotionally? It sure energized me. ~ Michelle Cederberg, speaker, coach and author of Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life

In my work as a professional speaker, I meet many colleagues who talk a good game but Michelle Ray has been on the real "field". Lead Yourself First is an honest, no-hype guide to real life that may be a bitter pill to swallow as you reflect on your current reality, but like good medicine, worth the effort. If you want to change your "view", read this book!" “ ~ Alvin Law, Motivational Speaker and Author, “Alvin’s Law’s of Life”

Michelle helps us pull ourselves up out of mediocrity and demand more for our lives. A great message! ~ Jane Atkinson, author of The Wealthy Speaker and The Wealthy Speaker 2.0

Michelle Ray’s book, Lead Yourself First, is a great read. It reminds me of the push I sometimes need to step outside of my comfort zone and follow the path I want, not just the path I think I should be travelling. Many of her stories give me that “aha” moment and her humorous take on the good and the bad make me smile as I’m reading. ~ Stephen Hammond, Speaker, Consultant and best-selling author “ Managing human rights at work: 101 practical tips to prevent human rights disasters”

If you’re looking for inspiration and practical strategies to stay positive during these challenging times, Lead Yourself First by Michelle Ray is the book for you. In this accessible, and easy to read book, Michelle shares relatable personal stories to illustrate the power of personal leadership. She shows readers how to develop a “can-do” mindset to accelerate personal and professional success by “leading yourself first". ~ Erica Pinsky, Author of Road to Respect: Path to Profit (How to Become an Employer of Choice by Building a Respectful Workplace Culture)

Thomas Paine wisely told us that “Character is much easier kept than recovered.” Author Michelle Ray reminds us…“Character first, Title second.” Personal leadership is a highly personal choice. Michelle Ray leads us to expand our possibilities in all things by making that choice every moment of each day. ~ Karyn Ruth White, Motivational Comedian, Author, Entrepreneur

If you’re facing a career, business or personal struggle, Michelle Ray’s book is a game-changer. Her heartfelt stories and practical strategies on living a richer life will propel you to take action. ~ Laura Stack, President, “The Productivity Pro”, Inc. 2011-2012 President, National Speakers Association

Powerful doses of practicality, seasoned with dollops of humor and touches of whimsy – Michelle Ray draws upon her years of first-hand experience to provide a realistic and no-nonsense primer on how to break free of the mental and emotional handcuffs that stop you from accomplishing what you truly want to achieve. Use her simply-laid out strategies to switch on, step up, and stand out. ~ Merge Gupta-Sunderji, MBA, CGA, CSP Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert, Author, “Why does the lobster caste off its Shell?”

Michelle Ray
Michelle Ray Born in Australia and now residing in Vancouver, Canada, leadership expert and author, Michelle Ray is an award-winning speaker and founder ...
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