Mindfulness and Madness

Mindfulness and Madness

money, food, sex and the sacred

Mindfulness and Madness shows how to approach our everyday life without armor, and how to meet the world's nakedness with our own.


Mindfulness and Madness shows how to approach our everyday life without armor, and how to meet the world's nakedness with our own.


With a rare combination of intellectual clarity and heartfelt practicality, Ira Rechtshaffer applies Buddhist wisdom to the down-to-earth issues of daily life. His deep feeling for the sacred illuminates the powerful path he lays out for personal healing, transformation, and freedom. A gem of a book....really something special here! ~ Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

A wise and mature book, filled with fresh metaphors and insights that breathe new life into age-old Buddhist practices. Nourishing food for thought for those deep in the Buddhist tradition, yet written in a warm and personal tone that will appeal to all who are curious about Buddhism. Inquiring minds, apply within! ~ Tim Ward, author of What the Buddha Never Taught and Indestructible You: Building a Self that Can't be Broken

Mindfulness and Madness is at once both a comprehensive introduction to the power of mindfulness and an in-depth exploration of Buddhist thought and practice. Teaching stories bring Buddhist principles to life, and Rechtshaffer's years of experience as a meditation teacher and psychotherapist shine through his highly intelligent prose. A fabulous addition to any seeker's library! ~ Ann Betz, PCC, CPCC, Director of Research and Learning BEabove Leadership

Based on years of experience as a psychotherapist and a life-long meditation practice, Ira Rechtshaffer has shown how both traditions combine to contribute to easing human suffering. He leads a reader along a path of discovery of the elements which make up a personal identity, its struggles and the possibility of surcease. The book concludes with a delightful way of looking at personality in terms of the six Buddhist realms. From narcissism to neurosis, Rechtshaffer shows how mindfulness can heal our estrangement from ourselves. ~ Charles Fisher, author of Dismantling Discontent and Meditation in the Wild ,

Mindfulness and Madness is a beautiful book describing the power of mindfulness and its healing properties. And yet, at the same time, it’s a book about us: the madness in the way we lead our lives, the crazy fast-pace that creates disconnection with ourselves and our environment. If you wish to transform your life from the mad into the mindful this book would be a wonderful gift to yourself. ~ Itai Ivtzan, author of Awareness Is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology and Spirituality,

Ira Rechtshaffer
Ira Rechtshaffer Ira Rechtshaffer holds a Ph.D. in Buddhist studies and has been a Buddhist meditation practitioner for 40 years. He studied and practiced Ze...
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