Modern Machiavelli

Modern Machiavelli

13 Laws of Power, Persuasion and Integrity

Win at work and in life with smart, social tactics.


Modern Machiavelli will teach you smart, social tactics to advance your career and improve your relationships. This book explains how to successfully manage conflict, influence others, and understand the overt and covert dynamics of interpersonal power. It challenges false but commonly held beliefs that undermine personal and career success. Master the unwritten rules of the social game that few understand.


I found it engrossing. I could see the different personality types I work with and provided good examples of how to deal with different situations both at work and in everyday life. I have already put the advice to use and feel better for it. Definitely recommended. ~ Peter Diggins , NetGalley

Every person experiencing interpersonal conflict or cut-throat competition should read this book. I have personally benefited from Dr. Bruner's consultation and highly recommend his book. It is the opposite of psycho-babble: concrete, specific, and dynamic. ~ Robert W. Forster, President and CEO, Forster Financial

This is a book about how to swim with the sharks while living like a dolphin. It provides a unique mix of cunning and integrity - as if Machiavelli and Stephen Covey got together and wrote a book on the rules for living. Without being either pessimistic or cynical, the book deals with some hard truths about human nature that we ignore at our peril. The authors’ advice is both practical and tactical on topics such as dealing with conflict, office politics, difficult personalities, and not letting others take advantage of you. Master these techniques and you’ll be adept at handling the worst in others, while strengthening what's best in yourself. ~ Tim Ward, author of Indestructible You and The Master Communicator’s Handbook

Dr. Bruner and Philip Eager have provided a much needed treatise on the basic behavioral “laws” that all of us need to fully understand if we are to truly work together to solve the many issues facing society. This book is not designed to show you how to manipulate co-workers, friends and family members, but rather provides the reader with a strategic awareness of the many facets that may be in play when individuals interact, regardless of the situation. This book is a must for the reader who is interested in a layman’s dive into moral development and offers approaches through professional insight and examples how to uphold the “fairness” expectations that many of us have grown up with without compromising our core values that make us who we are. ~ David White, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research, University of Tennessee

Modern Machiavelli: 13 Laws of Power, Persuasion and Integrity is a book that crosses the areas of business, psychology, self-help and ethics. It is a realist’s manual for effective persuasion and conflict management. ~ Christine Joo, Ed.D., Christine Joo Psychotherapy

Modern Machiavelli provides key insights and inspiration to propel your life dramatically forward! ~ William Eager, speaker, corporate strategist and best-selling author

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