Opening Love

Opening Love

Intentional Relationships & the Evolution of Consciousness

Love, sex, and relationship wisdom from the polyamory movement are offered in this practical guide to spiritual enlightenment.


Love, sex, and relationship wisdom from the polyamory (many loves) movement are offered in this practical guide to spiritual enlightenment.

Drawing on both personal experience and philosophical reflection, Dr. Anya describes how to cultivate intentional relationships: creative, non-conventional bonds that center on principles of honesty, compassion, forgiveness, and the celebration of desire. Through suggested meditations and activities for daily practice, we can evolve our consciousness by pursuing open, unconditional love in all our relations.


Until comparatively recently I had been telling myself I should write a book on how we could be living in what is called A Relationship. Now I don't have to—Anya has written an excellent book on the subject—and from what I have read so far, it includes most of the things I would have mentioned. I am very grateful to her. I suggest you get the book, and ​absorb and live what Anya is sharing through it. ~ Paul Lowe, spiritual teacher & author of In Each Moment: A New Way to Live,

Opening Love is a lucid manifesto for those who realize that love is a bigger story than the one we've been told. Sexuality is the fundamental pulse of the universe, and cannot be contained by partnership forms that induce scarcity and control. Dr. Anya weaves a potent blend of prose to show how the liberation of love is not only key to our personal fulfillment, but the key to our evolution as a species. ~ Ian MacKenzie, Writer/Producer/Director: Love: Sex, Partnership and the Village

Dr. Anya skillfully draws on the wisdom of previous generations of spiritual outlaws and polyamorous pioneers, as well as her own expansive personal experience, to offer clarity on the sometimes puzzling concept of relationship as a spiritual path to a new generation of seekers. ~ Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol, author of The Seven Natural Laws of Love and Polyamory in the 21st Century

Opening Love is a wonderfully-written book on polyamory, love, self reflection, and loving transitions. The book is not dogmatic in the least, but rather encouraging and loving in its purpose, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey or even if you identify as non-spiritual. ~ PolyAnna, editor of

Dr. Anya writes with an honesty that is refreshing and even slightly alarming. This beautiful book is both lucid and accessible and will open doors that, whether or not the reader chooses to pass through them, will enhance their quality of being simply by being aware of them. Dr. Anya gently encourages the reader to entertain new possibilities as well as offering companionship to those who have already ventured into them. I recommend this book as an exploration of what it means to be human. ~ Roshi Ingen Breen, Soto Zen Buddhist Association

This is a vital addition to the literature on relationships, filling the current gap that exists around relationships as a form of spiritual practice and a means of personal growth. The book presents a radical approach to relationships in comparison to current relationship books, most of which focus on a limited, and problematic, approach to achieving safety through rule-based systems. Instead, Dr. Anya's focus is on relational ethics, community building and open communication: all of which seem much more likely to enable sustainable and mutual relationships. ~ Dr. Meg Barker, author of Rewriting the Rules: An Integrative Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships

In my life, monogamy has proved to be a less-than-perfect relationship model. I’ve struggled to be faithful, and I’ve watched friends and partners fail. When my relationships end, I ask myself why monogamy is the gold standard in our culture. I wonder if we can create other types of relationships that are more sustainable. Or at least more free, healthy and unconditionally loving? Dr. Anya says we can, and in her book, Opening Love, she provides a clear map for us to follow as we journey to conscious intentional relationships with many lovers. Polyamory could be a lurid, sensational topic, but Dr. Anya uses lucid definitions, a grounded rationale, practical exercises and honest accounts of personal experiences to guide us toward a life of abundant love. Opening Love is a brave and thought-provoking book that offers healing to those who have been wounded in the battle of the sexes. ~ Marsha Scarbrough, author of Medicine Dance and Honey in the River

Dr. Anya's work defuses conflict and competition to create harmony and peace. It's important that more people consider alternatives to monogamy and celibacy as ways to love more expansively. Opening Love comes at the right moment. ~ Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD., author of Gaia and the New Politics of Love: Notes for a Poly Planet

In Opening Love, Dr. Anya combines her academic knowledge on polyamory, her experience as a polyamorous person, and her skills as a teacher and spiritual practitioner to present the polyamory movement's connection with spirituality. Rather than preaching about poly, this book helps the reader ask questions about their own emotional experiences and how these experiences connect with social norms and regulations. It matters not if you are monogamous or polyamorous, an atheist or a Christian: in all likelihood, you'll find something useful in these pages. ~ Daniel Cardoso, Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and expert in polyamory studies, Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies

Dr. Anya's writing comes from a place of experience and genuine desire to share what she has learned. Although she is clearly an expert and has researched her topic extensively, her approach is accessible and easy to digest. She handles the task of bringing together polyamory and spirituality with both a ‘how to’ view as well as practical advice. ~ Dan Williams , co-host of the Erotic Awakening Podcast (

Dr. Anya
Dr. Anya Anya Light (“Dr. Anya”) is a spiritual teacher, Reiki Master, relationship coach, and poet. She holds a PhD in English and is the author...
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