Better World is Possible, A

Better World is Possible, A

The best handbook book on the environmental and economic crisis for Everyman


The best handbook on the environmental and economic crisis for Everyman.

We face the biggest environmental and economic disaster in our history. The global economic system is unsustainable, unjust, leading to war and violence. Based on continuous growth, unfettered globalisation and debt, it systematically transfers wealth from those who create it to the rich and powerful. Banks, allowed to create 97% of money for profit, fail to serve society. It’s madness to believe that continuous growth can be sustained by a finite planet. Governments are "system blind", trying to fix a broken system. Whole system change is needed.

There is an alternative - a Great Transition to prosperity without growth. This will prevent environmental catastrophe, revitalise economies and provide sustainable work. We need the vision of a better world, sustainable, just, peaceful, bringing wellbeing to all. There’s broad consensus on whats to be done. The question is: Will we act in time? Politicians are failing us. We need to demand they do whats needed.

This book is a radical handbook for people everywhere who want to transform society for the better.


Bruce Nixon’s A Better World is Possible reflects the growing unrest and pinpoints the need for ordinary people to turn ‘anger into effective action to bring about radical change.’ Packed with shocking facts and figures – Nixon quotes veteran conservationist Richard Leakey as saying that ‘50 per cent of the Earth’s species will vanish within 100 years’ – A Better World is Possible is both alarming and inspiring. The book is ripe with insights that should be obvious but have been largely forgotten in a world where we spend more time following the exploits of the cast of The Only Way is Essex than the global climate crisis. I finished the book feeling hopeful that some of the small efforts I make – bringing a canvas bag to the supermarket and shopping locally for instance – are not in vain.

~ Bethany Hubbard,, Ecologist magazine

A brilliant and comprehensive analysis of the biggest crisis in human history, based on the fact that our systems requiring continued economic growth are not working. This book brings things together in a remarkable way and makes it very clear that we all have to play an active part in politics at local, national and global levels. ~ Network Review

There could hardly be a more timely book.  Go out and buy this book now, read it and then lend it to everyone you know.

~ Simply Green

 At this time of ecological and spiritual crisis, Bruce Nixon’s book is a voice of sanity, wisdom and commonsense.  His vision presents a genuine and positive way forward for humanity.  

~ Satish Kumar, Editor of Resurgence, founder of the Small School and Director of Programmes at Schumacher College


We have to take our power and demand that our governments act boldly to tackle the environmental crisis; create a global economy that serves everyone; create truly inclusive democracy at all levels; and stop wasting lives and money on war. This book will inspire, challenge you and make sense of how the system works. It’s your handbook for a bottom up revolution.  Read it and play your part.   

~ Baroness Helena Kennedy QC


In a world of increasing population, diminishing natural resources and challenges posed by climate change, business-as-usual in our food and farming systems is no longer an option. This book starkly outlines the situation we are in - but also importantly the changes we can make, at citizen, community, national and international levels - to create more sustainable ways of producing and consuming the food on our tables. 

~ Peter Melchett, Policy Director, Soil Association

We are in a place we have never been before. We are facing a series of interconnected systemic crises that put both humanity and the planet in serious peril. This book not only clearly describes the problem but, most importantly, points to the solution. The ‘rules of the game’ need to be radically changed and this will only happen if enough people, speaking with a clear enough voice, demand such a change. This book is not, therefore, a ‘worthy’ text on economics, but a vital handbook for our survival!  

~ Stewart Wallis, Executive Director, New Economics Foundation


There are a lot of books out there that provide you with a complex intellectual analysis of the dual climate and economic crises – and leave you alone to mourn the political vacuum, while lamenting humanity’s imminent demise. Bruce Nixon’s book, though, is a breath of fresh air. It provides you with an easy to follow analysis about the human and environmental crises we face, but goes beyond this to articulate what a better world might look like. Most importantly, he tells you what ordinary people can do about it.  It’s a must-read toolkit for those of us wanting to see a more sustainable, just and equitable world.

~ Deborah Doane, Director, World Development Movement


Bruce Nixon dares to name the real nightmare that we all try to retreat from, hiding behind a false god called ‘the market’, stale ideologies or, simply, self- denying withdrawal.  It is not often that we find a visionary writer, prepared, after detailing the problems, to go ahead and risk offering ‘A way out’.  Coming from a profound humaneness, this book is a must read for all those who engage in changing the present unacceptable, unsustainable world. Having forgiven ourselves for horrendous wrongs done by one set of ancestors to another, often carried forward to the present, we can, together, South and North in our rainbow reality, build a glittering world of fairness and justice.  

~ Olaseinde Makanjuola Arigbede, National Coordinator/Animator,United Small and Medium scale Farmers' Associations of Nigeria


Bruce Nixon's book is a powerful call for a peaceful and constructive mass revolt by the people of the world. He shows that the present way our lives are organised threatens the suicide of our own species and the further destruction of many others. His analysis points clearly to what we need to do to change it. I hope the book will be widely read and acted on. 

~ James Robertson, “The grandfather of green economics”


We are in the midst of an economic crisis, but it is not the one covered in the media every day. The real crisis arises from the irreconcilable clash between efforts to maintain and increase growth in GDP while at the same time as managing ever more serious ecological crunches, from climate change to the loss of ecosystems. Bruce Nixon sets out the dimensions of the crisis we face and reaches the inescapable conclusion that we cannot hope to solve the multiple and related challenges in front of us unless we alter our view of economics. Read on to find out how a better world is possible, and how we need to change things to get there.  

~ Tony Juniper, campaigner, writer and advisor


Sustainable development isn’t about saving whales or polar bears; it’s equally about saving us from extinction.  Bruce Nixon’s work redirects us, with conviction, force and clarity, to that urgent goal. 

~ Kevin McCloud, journalist, television presenter and WWF ambassador


I am very happy to endorse this book. You have addressed the context of our challenges well, and put across compelling evidence that things must change.  But, importantly, what you give readers is a sense of realistic opportunity - that as citizens we really do have an opportunity to engage with positive activity to help change our lives for good.  Books like yours are essential reading for challenging times ahead, giving us all an opportunity to shape a future vision based on community and personal empowerment. 

~ Myles Bremner, Chief Executive, Garden Organic


This book is one of those rare things - a fascinating explanation of the interlocking global crisis in finance, climate, energy and food which leaves you at the end feeling hopeful and empowered. 

~ David Boyle , author of The Tyranny of Numbers and Money Matters


I am grateful to Bruce Nixon for his wisdom, clarity and intention about making this a better world. We have no choice in these troubled times but to read and take seriously what he has to say. Thank you, Bruce, for your strong, timely and eye-opening message. 

~ Sandra Janoff PhD, Co-Director, Future Search Network, USA


This book jolts us to recognize that we can’t go on doing things as we do. This needs to be said. Its many examples of proven sustainable ways of doing things also need to be more widely known. This is a book that should be widely read. 

~ Christopher Day, eco-architect and author of Places of the Soul, Consensus Design- socially inclusive processes


Bruce Nixon has provided a comprehensive assessment of why we need to change the way business and government operate to meet the needs of future generations of people, plants and creatures.   After reading  A Better world is possible – what needs to be done and how we can make happen, one is left with a sense that with some joined up thinking and, above all,  co-operation anything is possible.

~ Pete Riley , Campaigns Director GM Freeze

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