Recently Published Books

Meeting Shiva by Tiziana Stupia

Meeting Shiva

Tiziana Stupia

Aug 2013

A gripping memoir about the fated love affair between a Hindu monk and a Western woman in the Indian Himalayas.

What the Buddha Never Taught: 20th Anniversary Edition by Tim Ward

What the Buddha Never Taught: 20th Anniversary Edition

Tim Ward

Aug 2013

A humorous behind-the-robes account of life in a Thai forest monastery. A cult classic.

Kicked out of the Garden by Kimberly Ruth Taylor

Kicked out of the Garden

Kimberly Ruth Taylor

Jul 2013

Step back into the garden of your heart and find renewed faith, freedom, and inner peace.

Hidden Beauty of the Commonplace by Philip Pegler

Hidden Beauty of the Commonplace

Philip Pegler

Mar 2013

Life - lit  up by love and shaped by wisdom - is a clear and natural expression of  true freedom.

Soul Companions by Karen Sawyer

Soul Companions

Karen Sawyer

Mar 2008

Rude Awakening by P.T. Mistlberger

Rude Awakening

P.T. Mistlberger

May 2012

The rude truths about the myths, misconceptions, fairy tales and illusions encountered by the spiritual seeker on their journey.

Intentional Healing by Jennie Sherwin

Intentional Healing

Jennie Sherwin

May 2012

When bizarre symptoms derail a womans life, environmental medicine, energy healing, Native American ceremonies, and spiritual growth restore her health.

Zombies on Kilimanjaro by Tim Ward

Zombies on Kilimanjaro

Tim Ward

May 2012

On a journey to the roof of Africa, a father and son traverse the treacherous terrain of fatherhood, divorce, dark secrets and old grudges, and forge an authentic new relationship.   

Falling Into Easy by Dee Willock

Falling Into Easy

Dee Willock

Mar 2012

Cant meditate? Knees killing you? Misplaced the present moment? Let Falling Into Easy make meditation simple, practical and accessible.  

What a Body Knows by Kimerer L. LaMothe

What a Body Knows

Kimerer L. LaMothe

Apr 2009

In What a Body Knows, Kimerer LaMothe reveals the healing wisdom in our seemingly wayward desires for food, sex, and spirit.

Better World is Possible, A by Bruce Nixon

Better World is Possible, A

Bruce Nixon

Oct 2011

The best handbook book on the environmental and economic crisis for Everyman

Enlightenment Ain't What It's Cracked Up To Be by Robert K.C. Forman

Enlightenment Ain't What It's Cracked Up To Be

Robert K.C. Forman

Oct 2011

By revealing the discoveries based on his own spiritual enlightenment, Robert Forman re-imagines a healthier and more grounded spiritual path.

Developing Consciousness by Nicholas Vesey

Developing Consciousness

Nicholas Vesey

Jul 2011

A roadmap of the journey to enlightenment, without the baggage of religion, that puts the reader in the driving seat.

Family Planting by Kimerer L. LaMothe

Family Planting

Kimerer L. LaMothe

Jun 2011

How one family, pursuing a dream of rural living, grew an earth-friendly vision of love along with their tomatoes.

World I Dream Of, The by Curt Butz

World I Dream Of, The

Curt Butz

Jun 2010

Artists, activists, authors, educators, speakers, environmentalists, scientists, young entrepreneurs, Elders, and visionaries describe their dream world.

Striking at the Roots by Mark Hawthorne

Striking at the Roots

Mark Hawthorne

Jan 2008

Medicine Dance by Marsha Scarbrough

Medicine Dance

Marsha Scarbrough

Aug 2007 Eat, Pray, Love but without food or water.

Savage Breast by Tim Ward

Savage Breast

Tim Ward

Apr 2006

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