Obesity and Food Addiction: It's Not About Willpower Mar 25 2015

(This article first appeared March 24 in the Huffington Post) While it's nationally recognized that we are in the midst of an "obesity epidemic," our response remains gravely inadequate. I...

Liberation Thealogy and Goddess 2.0: An Interview With Karen Tate Dec 21 2014

(This article by Tim Ward first appeared in The Huffington Post ) One of the greatest challenges in the 21st Century is redefining our spirituality to adapt to two challenges humanity faces. On th...

What's the Intelligent Choice for Scotland? Sep 15 2014

New blog by Changemakers' publisher, Tim Ward, interviewing author Chris Thomson: As the date of the Scotland's Independence Referendum approaches, the question that should be on every Scot's mind ...

Kicked Out of the Garden: Interview with Author Kim Taylor Jul 27 2014

Reblogged from It is my pleasure to host Kim Taylor, author of Kicked Out of the Garden: Embracing Diversity As a Way of the Heart. Kim's book was published b...

Huff Post Blog about Zombies on Kilimanjaro May 11 2014

Here's a new Huffington Post blog about one of our 2012 Changemakers Books, Zombies on Kilimanjaro - still going strong! Alhough on the surface, the book is a travel narrative about a father and son c...

On the Cusp of Change May 5 2014

I believe we are living on the cusp of massive planetary change, upheaval that may rival the six great extinctions of previous eons. While previous cataclysmic shifts were caused by events such as ast...


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