Lessons from Mars by Carlos Valdes-Dapena

Lessons from Mars

Carlos Valdes-Dapena

Living Beyond Lyme by Joseph J. Trunzo

Living Beyond Lyme

Joseph J. Trunzo

Strip by Catlyn Ladd


Catlyn Ladd

Future Consciousness by Thomas Lombardo

Future Consciousness

Thomas Lombardo

Modern Machiavelli by Philip Eager, Troy  Bruner

Modern Machiavelli

Philip Eager
Troy Bruner

Enough, Already! by Heather Jayne Wynn

Enough, Already!

Heather Jayne Wynn

Vegan Ethic, A by Mark Hawthorne

Vegan Ethic, A

Mark Hawthorne

10th Anniversary of Striking at the Roots Sep 21 2018

by Mark Hawthorne Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism is intended for the person who agrees with the premise that animals are mistreated in our society, believes that th...

The Lyme Trap Aug 30 2018

by Joseph J. Trunzo If you’ve had to manage chronic symptoms of Lyme disease, you understand the title of this chapter perfectly. There are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide stuck in the...

New Book Brings Lessons from Soccer to Managers and Organizations Jul 2 2018

The World Cup is about more than soccer. For George Washington University professor and consultant Peter Loge, the most popular sporting event on the planet is also about management. Not management of...

The Psychology behind the Meme Jun 14 2018

by Tim Ward and Teresa Erickson The word meme was coined by philosopher of science Richard Dawkins. In his 1976 book The Selfish Gene he mused about how ideas influence human evolution. Our idea...

Self-Limiting Beliefs May 23 2018

by Heather Jayne Wynn Throughout the course of your life, mostly when you were growing up, you sucked in information into your subconscious mind just like a sponge sucks up water. You picked up sni...

Uniting Psychology and Spirituality: Awareness is Freedom May 12 2018

By publisher Tim Ward. Originally published in the Huffington Post. Psychology and spirituality are often seen as opposite, even antagonistic, ventures. The scientists who conduct psychological...

Extract: Strip: The Making of a Feminist Apr 26 2018

Catlyn Ladd gives us a compelling and dramatic view into the world of desire. Her journey, mind and body and heart, takes the reader into her experience as a voyeur without judgment and with critical ...