Enough, Already!

Finding Happiness Now in a World That Wants to Sell You Perfection Later

Heather Jayne Wynn

Vegan Ethic, A

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Mark Hawthorne

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A Practical Spiritual Guide

Carla van Raay

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money, food, sex and the sacred

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Intentional Relationships & the Evolution of Consciousness

Dr. Anya

Indestructible You

Building a Self that Can't be Broken

Shai Tubali
Tim Ward

The Caveman Rules of Survival Aug 22 2016

by Dawn Walton There are three basic rules of survival used by your subconscious to keep you safe and alive. It is one or more of these rules that is usually the basis of you developing a Thing (or...

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By Publisher Tim Ward In her sexy, stormy, spiritual memoir, Honey in the River, Marsha Scarbrough explores the contemporary relevance of ancient African wisdom teachings, wrapped around a lov...

Changemakers Spring '16 Newsletter Mar 26 2016

 Welcome, authors, readers, thought leaders and changemakers, to our first edition of our Newsletter. You will get a preview of our upcoming books – each with the potential to transform lives. You ...

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Communicators Mar 26 2016

by Teresa Erickson and Tim Ward. This blogpost is based on the work of the authors of CM's new publication, The Master Communicator's Handbook, and originally appeared in the Huffington Post.  ...

Integration: What Does It Look Like in Someone's Life? Oct 25 2015

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Torn Between Two Lovers: The Challenging Path to Choosing Both Oct 25 2015

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Uniting Psychology and Spirituality: Awareness is Freedom Jun 12 2015

By publisher Tim Ward. Originally published in the Huffington Post. Psychology and spirituality are often seen as opposite, even antagonistic, ventures. The scientists who conduct psychological...